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Comice Silver Interconnect Title
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Comice Silver Interconnect
Comice Silver Interconnect
0.5 meter pair RCA - $158
1.0 meter pair RCA - $198
2.0 meter pair RCA - $298
0.5 meter pair XLR - $183
1.0 meter pair XLR - $223
2.0 meter pair XLR - $323
custom length - contact for quote


The Comice Silver Interconnects kick some audio butt. They are open and unrestricted. You can hear the added fullness easily in vocals, violins, anything where the upper-mids carry the nuance. I really enjoy the sound-stage and presence with these cables.

I also want to mention that Pear Cables are wonderful to work with, have easy, effective, unobtrusive plugs and very supple wire with excellent build and presentation quality throughout. I am certain they would be a wonderful upgrade for many audio systems.

- Richard, Bay Area Audiophile Society (BAAS)

Frequency Response Plot

Click on the graph to the right to see measurements of the improvement Comice Cables make in your system.

Frequency Response Plot


HT Series Brochure Download (950 KB)

Comice Silver Interconnect  

Audiophile Grade Cable Within Reach  

The Comice Silver Interconnect represents an unrivaled value for audiophiles looking for accuracy and neutrality. Enabled by high purity fully annealed silver conductors, proven geometry, and attention to detail, the Comice Silver Interconnect has been designed to outperform cables priced several times higher.

Fully manufactured in the United States, the Comice Silver Interconnect cable is completely machine made for precision, and hand terminated and inspected to ensure quality. A unique serial number on each cable, fully traceable by the factory, marks each cable's place in time.

Sound quality is the top priority for this cable, with the basic design enabling low capacitance, high accuracy signal transfer. An innovative electrically conductive polymer shield, in conjunction with a more traditional metallic shield, make the Comice Silver Interconnect unusually quiet, and enables high performance even in electrically noisy environments.

If you are looking for "tone control" cables to correct problems with the overall balance of your system, you will not be happy with these cables. On the other hand, the Comice Silver Interconnect will work well in any system that strives for accuracy.



No Detail Too Small
Every aspect of the Comice Silver Interconnect has been meticulously analyzed to optimize performance. We may not mention every detail, but rest assured that they have all been agonizingly perfected. From the precise lay of the conductors, to the insulation thickness, to the material choices, no detail is too small for consideration. By optimizing every parameter, we can squeeze every bit of accuracy and performance out of a given cable geometry.

Pure Silver Signal Conductors
99.99% pure silver, annealed to prevent microcracking, for "audiophile-grade" signal transfer. Don't settle for sound degrading silver-plated copper. Pure silver conductors significantly reduce corrosion and the harmful silver/copper metal interface is eliminated, for the ultimate in sonic clarity and accuracy.

Low Capacitance Design
The Comice Silver Interconnect has been designed to minimize capacitance. By keeping the capacitance to a reasonable level, we can reduce the attenuation of higher frequency harmonic information that gives music depth and presence.

Triple Noise Reduction with TRIBODeadTM
Three levels of noise reduction including Pear Cable's exclusive TRIBODead triboelectric noise reduction system.

  • TRIBODeadTM conductive polymer layer dramatically reduces the amount of triboelectric noise created within the cable. Triboelectric charges are created when vibration causes two different materials to rub against each other in a cable. TRIBODead™ virtually eliminates this noise caused by small vibrations for a cleaner sound and lower overall noise floor.
  • Twisted Pair conductors help prevent Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) noise from getting into your sound system. EMI is can come from a variety of sources including audio equipment power supplies, power cords, cell phones, etc. Twisted pair conductors are essential for reducing audible hum.
  • Spiral Serve Shield. Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) rejection is accomplished with a silver plated spiral served shield, grounded at one end only. The metallic shield acting in conjunction with the TRIBODead™ layer offers 100% RFI coverage.

Teflon Air Tubes
Teflon air tubes are twisted with the Teflon insulated wires to lower the capacitance of the cable. Teflon is the most expensive basic cable insulation material, and Teflon air tubes are even more costly, however the low, linear capacitance makes the materials worthwhile. A technique generally reserved for more expensive home audio cables, Comice Silver Interconnects do not shy away from this high-end technology. Hear all the punch you desire without the fatigue.

Every cable receives a unique cable identification number

Made in the USA for superior quality

The Comice Silver Interconnect is available either with RCA connectors, or in a balanced configuration with XLR connectors. The RCA terminations utilize WBT (German made), split pin, locking connectors to ensure a secure connection. These industry leading plugs are often copied by overseas manufacturers, but the quality is never duplicated. Gold plated surfaces prevent corrosion of critical interfaces, and Teflon insulation maximizes accuracy. XLR connections are accomplished with high performance gold plated versions of the traditional Switchcraft XLR plug. If you are not sure which connection would be best for you, please contact Pear Cable for assistance.


Want great interconnect performance at a more economical price? Check out our Bosc Interconnect for a cable that still blows away our competition.

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