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Comice Silver Interconnect Title
What's New at Pear Cable
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Comice Silver Interconnect
Comice Silver Interconnect
0.5 meter pair - $158
1.0 meter pair - $198
2.0 meter pair - $298
3.0 meter pair - $398
4.0 meter pair - $498
5.0 meter pair - $598
6.0 meter pair - $698
custom length - contact for quote


Frequency Response Plot

Click on the graph to the right to see measurements of the improvement Comice Cables make in your system.

Frequency Response Plot


Comice Silver IC Brochure (920 KB)
General Comice Brochure (1.2 MB)
Comice Silver IC Electrical Properties (250 KB)


"I couldn't believe what a huge improvement these cables made in my system. Everything got cleaner and clearer and the soundstage really improved. Now I understand that cables are really just as important as any other componentů When my girlfriend heard my system for the first time after replacing the cables she actually asked me if I had changed something. I hadn't even told her about the cables yet!"

                              - Cooper
                              Car audio enthusiast, Pittsburgh, PA

Comice Silver Interconnect  

"Audiophile-Grade" Cables Have Finally Arrived For Car Audio     

Why spend money on car audio cables when you could use that money for more watts or more decibels? Does it really make a difference in a vehicle sound system?

Without high fidelity car audio cables you are seriously limiting the performance of a high quality system. No matter how much money you throw at amps, subwoofers, or sound deadening material, you may never get to where you want to be without the right cables.

Home audio enthusiasts have understood for years the importance of having high fidelity audio cables in their systems. Despite car audio having a greater need for high quality cables than home audio, due to the longer cable lengths, greater noise levels, and a mobile platform; car audio technology has stalled with the twisted pair. With the Comice Silver Interconnect, Pear Cable has made a leap forward by utilizing appropriate home audio cable technology to bring a crystal clear sound to car audio.



Pure Silver Signal Conductors
99.99% pure silver, annealed to prevent microcracking, for "audiophile-grade" signal transfer. Don't settle for sound degrading silver-plated copper. Pure silver conductors significantly reduce corrosion and the harmful silver/copper metal interface is eliminated, for the ultimate in sonic clarity and accuracy.

Triple Noise Reduction with TRIBODeadTM
Three levels of noise reduction including the world's first car audio cable to have TRIBODead triboelectric noise killer.

  • TRIBODeadTM conductive polymer layer dramatically reduces the amount of triboelectric noise created. Pear Cable is the world's first company to bring this technology to car audio cables. Triboelectric charges are created when vibration causes two different materials to rub against each other in a cable. TRIBODead™ virtually eliminates this noise caused by vehicle vibration for a cleaner sound and lower overall noise floor.
  • Twisted Pair conductors help prevent EMI noise from getting into your sound system. EMI is generated in your car as current travels through the chassis of the vehicle. Twisted pair conductors are essential for eliminating alternator whine.
  • Spiral Serve Shield. Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) rejection is accomplished with a silver plated spiral served shield, grounded at one end only. The metallic shield acting in conjunction with the TRIBODead™ layer offers 100% RFI coverage.

Teflon Air Tubes
Teflon air tubes are twisted with the Teflon insulated wires to lower the capacitance of the cable. A technique generally reserved for high fidelity home audio cables, Comice Silver Interconnects elevate car audio cables to a new standard. Hear all the punch you desire without the fatigue.

High Performance Connectors
WBT (German made), split pin, locking connectors ensure a secure connection, even in the bumpiest rides. Gold plated surfaces prevent corrosion of critical interfaces, maximizing accuracy.

Every cable receives a unique cable identification number

Made in the USA for superior quality


Want great interconnect performance at a more economical price? Check out our Bosc Interconnect for a cable that still blows away our competition.

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