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Bio-Diesel Suburban Road Warrior Features Pear Cable

Renowned New York Area Designer and Pear Cable Dealer, AI Design, Transforms The Ultimate Eco-Cruiser

Newton, Mass. – November 22, 2006 -- Pear Cable Corporation is proud to announce that a highly customized bio-diesel powered, turbocharged Chevrolet Suburban, built by AI Design of Tuckahoe, NY, features the Comice line of Pear Cables.

About the vehicle:

  Comice Pear

Curiously, Suburbans of that era (2002) were not offered from the factory with Chevy’s Duramax Diesel engine package, so an outfit in Colorado called Duramax Suburban ( handled the initial conversion to the GM Duramax engine. At this stage, the vehicle was delivered to Ai Design for several tiers of custom work. For starters, the engine was modified to handle the increased corrosive properties of bio-diesel fuel. Another outfit, ATS Performance Diesel was extremely helpful in providing parameters for these modifications. “Working with bio-diesel fuel was new territory for us,” explained Ai Design founder Matthew Figliola. “Companies like ATS were very supportive and critical to the success of this project,” Figliola added. Once the bio-diesel tweaks had been completed, Ai Design could focus on more traditional performance modifications, such as upgrading the transmission, turbochargers, exhaust system, fuel injection, and electronic engine control systems.

All of this mighty bio-diesel power was plenty of justification for a 4-wheel Brembo brake upgrade, and the Ai crew also gave the Suburban a 12-inch lift, on-road/off-road suspension package, and increased fuel capacity. “I see this vehicle almost as a post-apocalyptic road rider,” Figliola reflected—standing beside the massive SUV.

The next layer of customization was reserved for the interior, which received a suede headliner and Wilton wool carpeting (much like Rolls Royce). Figliola outfitted the Suburban with an updated version of the elaborate center console unit that he had designed for his famous Cigarette-branded Suburbans from years past. All of the vehicle’s climate controls and aftermarket accessory switches were relocated to this hand-fabricated console, allowing for the navigation screen to be prominently placed and in the dashboard. Additionally, the small speakers for cell-phone hands-free and navigation were located within the console, along with a CB radio, Edge engine management controller, emergency lighting and PA controllers, and the obligatory cup holder. Center console and steering wheel trim pieces were all hand fabricated from nickel plated carbon fiber, an ultra hi-tech material originally designed for stealth aircraft.

Alpine’s F-1 audio package (head unit, amps, and speakers) were installed in the Suburban, complimented by Focal subwoofers. The entire audio signal path was constructed of Pear audio cables, utilizing silver conductors and an ingenious clamping system for the RCA-style connectors. “I like the super high quality of the Pear wiring—the extra secure clamping devices on the RCA connections seemed more than appropriate for this application,” Figliola commented.

About AI Design: A privately held design and fabrication company founded in 1992, AI Design is now recognized by clients, the automotive aftermarket industry, and both trade and consumer press around the world as uniquely accomplished and dedicated in the field of vehicle customization. AI Design’s unmatched standards for craftsmanship and innovative concepts are backed by a select team of professionals located within a gleaming state-of-the-art facility just north of Manhattan. Please visit AI Design at:

About Pear Cable, Inc.
Pear Cable is a leading independent manufacturer of high-fidelity audio cable products for both home and car audio. Using custom designed manufacturing equipment and cutting edge scientific principles; Pear Cable brings quality products to the audio marketplace. For more information, please visit:

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